Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Cryptocurrency and fait payment gateway for Tourism industry personal and business use.
Etopay Network token Establishing a global system for the travel industry to improve the travel world, We strive to create a secure payment method that is not limited by national borders. It serves as a bridge between the real world and the Eth blockchain. It will be provided and accepted by the members and affiliates of the foundation and will be traded on established online exchanges. Special credit cards will help you to manage and pay directly with the EtopayToken.

How does Etopay make money?

Etopay will be a sustainable user-based model. We will not make any money from the transactions but we will only inject new business tokens via our reserve to run the rewards program.

How can i get free airdrop?

Etopay Network (EtoPay) now airdropping 3000 EtoPay Token (Worth $30) for every user 2k first participants who sign-up this form with a bonus of 500 Etopay Token ($5) per referrals you invited here.
Share your telegram username with your friends for Referral bonus.
Airdrop disturibution and all news will announce our telegram and twitter .

Airdrop distrubution will start in December 2018.


How about other currency services? Do you plan to work with people who still want to buy tickets via their cards?

No, the platform will solely be available for users of crypto currency.

When does the ICO start?

Below are the timelines for each stage of the ICO:

What are the conditions for the token sale?

The token sale starts on August 31, 2018. The bonus during the token sale is up to 200% bonus of the purchase. To buy tokens, please follow the steps outlined in our “How to Buy Tokens” guide.

Invest- 0.002 Eth- 600 Etopay token
Invest-  0.01  Eth- 3000 Etopay token
Invest-  0.1    Eth- 30000 Etopay token
Invest-  0.5    Eth- 150000 Etopay token (With 50% bonus)
Invest - 1       Eth- 300,000 Etopay token ( with 100% bonus)
Invest - 3+     Eth- 900,000 etopay token ( with 200% bonus)

Which payment methods are accepted?

Bitcoin (BTC); ; Ether (ETH);  are only accepted

How many tokens are available during the token sale and token price?

The total token supply is at 560,000,000. Below are the numbers of tokens available during phase, discounts and reserves:

Token sale min contribution -0.002 ETH.After your payment confirm Etopay automatically send to your wallet.

Now our smart contract price set- 1 Eth- 300,000 token.

Afer sold 50% (280,000,000) token price will increase $0.01 for each token.

Are the tokens ERC-20 compatible?

Yes, tokens are based on the Ethereum platform and are ERC20-compliant.

Which exchanges will be chosen?

As a team of highly motivated and driven individuals, we are still working with primary exchanges to make sure we can list and trade the Etopay Token. After Complate 50% token sale we will listed on exchange.But it is hard to confirm at this moment but in utmost reality, it will be several top-tier exchanges.

When will the token start trading on crypto exchanges?

This will be communicated via our Social Media channels.

Where and how do I keep my tokens?

You can keep Etopay tokens in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. For example, in the MyEtherWallet. Metamask

When will the platform go live?

The platform will go live in Q3 2019. Please review roadmap for more details.

In which countries can I use platform?

You can use globally as it is a peer-peer transaction-based platform.